Taisho Era, woven design with lacquered metallic threads.

The jagged harshness of this kimono's floral design evokes the Futurist style (1909-1930s), as in the charcoal at the left. The Futurists were enamored of machines, speed, industry, cities, war and Fascism. It was rare for themes from nature to be portrayed, unlike Japanese design. Stylized natural forms were often the basis for design for the Wiener Werkstätte, however. It would seem the kimono designer either didn't understand the philosophical premise of Futurism, or wasn't concerned with it, and created a design that successfully bridges two disparate styles.

upper left: Felix del Marle, Looping, charcoal, 1914.
lower left: Wiener Werkstätte, Josef Hoffmann, watercolor, 1903-1929.